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William Davis is a cardiologist and an author who has written both the best-selling book "Wheat Belly" and his most recent, "Super Gut." During our conversation, Bill talks about the human microbiome, the role of the gut as the "second brain" in the human body, how a modern diet and a modern microbiome may be contributing to common ailments of civilization like inflammation and depression, his suggestions for healthy eating and lifestyle, and what supplements he suggests people consume to improve their microbiome.

Nothing is more important to human flourishing than one's health, and Bill offers some original insights and under-the-radar options that people may want to consider. He discusses the role of antibiotics in our culture, bacteria and endotoxemia, and gives advice for healthy living.

I know that outside-the-box tinkering with my own lifestyle has dramatically improved my own health through mitigating stress, getting adequate sleep, eliminating or significantly reducing certain foods, and doing daily rigorous exercise that includes heat or cold exposure. Healthy people are happy people and good citizens, and I think we should be open to tinkering with our habits and foods to maximize our well-being. And perhaps one or two ideas from this conversation might resonate with you, and help you in your own life.

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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:44) "Super Gut" quotes
(17:28) The gut is the second brain
(17:55) Depression's connection to inflammation and the gut
(30:45) The link between the gut, microbes, and the brain
(36:19) Bacteria, endotoxemia, LPS, the gut, and the brain
(48:53) Taking your health into your own hands
(55:47) Habits and choices to improve your overall health
(59:41) What is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)?
(01:03:11) Specific fermented foods for a healthy gut
(01:10:44) Healthy foods and routines
(01:16:15) Add fermented food, Vitamin D, reuteri, and remove wheat
(01:20:13) Evivo Probiotics for children
(01:22:45) How to consume supplements for gut health
(01:24:52) Inappropriate antibiotic consumption and its implications
(01:28:41) Take antibiotics while restoring your microbiome with saccharomyces boulardii sparkling juice
(01:29:49) Additional resources - and yakult

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