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Wade Davis is an author, an ethnobiologist, and a cultural anthropologist. He was an explorer-in-residence at The National Geographic Society from 2000-2013, has helped to produce more than a dozen documentary films, has authored best-selling books, with his work focusing on indigenous cultures across the world.

During our conversation, Wade talks about how he became a world-traveler and an explorer and what we might learn from cultures across the world. He talks about the importance of being the architect of your own life, giving destiny its time to find you, not expecting one's work to change the world, but rather having it be a contribution to the world, and his relationship with Richard Evans Schultes, who was instrumental in discovering psychedelics and psychedelic practices in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:07) Early life in Canada: family, community, and upbringing
(06:46) Why creativity isn’t an innate quality
(14:40) Richard Evans Schultes
(26:14) Overcoming fear in the name of exploration
(34:23) Having the finances to travel and explore
(39:08) Determining if a life of exploration suits you
(47:24) The importance of having a home
(48:47) Home as an anchor and a source of stability
(51:50) Wade’s wife’s support and role in leading him to success
(53:00) Staying connected to family despite being away from home
(58:20) Why all cultures are myopic: we’re faithful to our own interpretations of reality
(1:14:12) Richard Evans Schultes and his psychedelic research
(01:25:19) How psychedelics have impact on Wade’s life
(01:31:40) Living a purposeful, meaningful life
(01:34:47) Why contentment results from patience

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