Episode 85, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube

Shawn T. Smith is a clinical psychologist and an author of many books, including his best-seller, The "Tactical Guide to Women." During our conversation, Shawn talks about modern dating, the relationship issues with which his male and female clients are struggling, dating apps, how evolutionary psychology has influenced him, and the "red pill" community. More expansively, he talks about how "The Tactical Guide" came to be, what men can do to properly vet women for long-term relationships, and the importance of time in making life-changing decisions.

This episode is primarily for men. I have found Shawn to be a candid, sane, and even-handed thinker in the online world of mating and dating. Sean is a fair-minded and strong voice for men, and I would encourage any young man - either looking to make wise life choices or suffering due to indifference - to consult his work.

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