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Peter Verstrate is a businessman and the co-founder of Mosa Meat. During our conversation, Peter talks about Mosa Meat's technical breakthrough in making the world's first cultured hamburger - a burger that was created fully in a lab - without raising and killing livestock, the promise of cultured meat to combat climate change and decrease pollution and deforestation, its enormous potential for mitigating animal suffering, the economic challenges of making cultured meat affordable, and when people might expect to be able to purchase and consume such cultivated meat.

If successful, companies like Mosa Meat offer an amazing potential future: one in which people might be able to inexpensively and healthily consume high-quality meat with little to no environmental damage and minimal harm inflicted upon sentient animals. This would be a massive win for our collective wealth, ethics, and habitat.

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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Intro
(00:56) Get to know Peter Verstrate
(02:09) Getting into the meat industry
(04:36) Mosa Meat creating the world's first cultured hamburger
(13:43) The time it took to produce the world’s first cultured hamburger
(15:13) The different stages of cultured meat production
(20:02) How the idea of lab-grown meat came to be
(22:17) Reducing animal suffering and the environmental benefits of clean meat
(31:00) The negative impact of traditional meat production on agriculture and the Earth’s changing climate
(34:32) The safety concerns around cultured meat production and consumption
(42:03) The business challenges of running a clean meat production company
(48:40) Economic viability and the future of cultured meat production
(51:16) Assessing the quality of the meat used for producing lab-grown meat
(54:05) The skills needed from people who want to work in the clean meat industry
(57:04) Cultured meat production in the next few years
(01:02:27) The best way to follow and support Mosa Meat

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