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Maud Maron is a lawyer, a mother of four, and a Congressional Candidate for New York's 12th District. During our conversation, Maud talks about her career as an attorney at The Legal Aid Society, her work providing legal services to poor Americans, how her views in favor of colorblindness and specialized admissions tests and against race essentialism in education resulted in her being publicly labeled a racist by members of the Black Attorneys of Legal Aid Caucus and Attorneys of Color of Legal Aid, her lawsuit against The Legal Aid Society in which she claims she was forced out of her job and “discriminated against on the basis of race," Bari Weiss's article detailing her story, and how American culture might recommit itself to its core principles of freedom of speech, tolerating disagreement while co-existing amicably, resisting ideology and creeping totalitarianism.

I have wanted to talk to Maud for well over half a year. She's the first person on this show who has been personally canceled by way of fantastic lies and gross misrepresentation. She has shouldered those consequences and moved forward, refusing to shut up or apologize for having her own point of view. She is a model of how we might all want to behave if we are wrongly libeled or slandered, with our reputation and livelihood on the line.

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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Intro
(01:00) Get to know Maud Maron
(02:41) Maud’s career at the The Legal Aid Society
(05:55) Maud's interest in becoming a lawyer
(07:07) The people who The Legal Aid Society represents
(12:48) Maud’s political views and her historic alignment with the Democratic Party
(14:45) The state of America's education system
(23:37) Equity in public education
(33:28) Maud's New York Post article on racial obsession and its consequences
(38:30) The reaction of The Legal aid Society after Maud's New York Post article
(45:22) Why some are apt to wrongfully ruin someone’s reputation and livelihood
(49:27) Racism in schools
(52:13) Education in America
(59:12) The percentage of the population encouraging totalitarian attitudes
(01:05:10) Rooting out totalitarianism tendencies in America
(01:09:32) Maud's response to those who canceled her
(01:13:44) Recommendations for trusted information sources

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