Episode 87, available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube

Jon Kostas is an activist, a former alcoholic, and the first study participant in the NYU psilocybin clinical trials. During our conversation, Jon talks about his years of alcohol abuse, his attempts to rid himself of the addiction, his doctor's belief that, in his mid-20's, his quantity of alcohol consumption would likely kill him within a few years, and his eventual experience of a medically-supervised "heroic dose" of psilocybin - the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms - at New York University.

Jon discusses what his trip was like, how it cured him of his alcohol cravings, the efficacy rates of such treatments, and how it has motivated him to dedicate his life to help others get access to professionally-supervised psychedelic experiences to address addiction and other aspects of human suffering.

Jon is the first person on this show who was a friend before the interview. His story is an incredible one and offers hope to many who are battling severe addiction. It takes courageous people like Jon to step forward and share honest, open, and very personal stories to effect real change. It was an honor to do this one.

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