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Jon Birger is a journalist and is the author of Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game. During our conversation, Jon talks about the demographic data regarding college-educated men and women in America, how sex ratio differences in colleges and cities influence dating and mating behavior, the effect of #MeToo on modern romance, dating apps, assortative mating, evolution's effect on human mate preferences, and how the significant sex ratio difference in China seems to have led to an increase in criminality.

There are millions more young, college-educated women than men in the United States. The educational and career success of women in America is a triumph of our society. Yet, inevitably, many such women will have difficulty finding a partner at their achievement level. This is a largely unforeseen modern phenomena, and one that I think should be taken seriously.

Jon and I have some clear disagreements on subjects we discuss - including a disagreement about the precariousness of the situation and its likely outcome. Regardless, his book is crucial in understanding the reality of the situation. And in his new book, Make Your Move, he makes suggestions that single people, especially women, may want to know about, and to keep in mind.

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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:24) Developing an interest in modern dating
(04:57) College-educated sex ratios in America and its effect on dating
(08:21) The effect of China's massive sex ratio imbalance
(14:23) Sex ratio-driven increase in criminality in China
(17:39) What is meant by assortative mating?
(21:48) The evolution of dating culture in recent American history
(25:49) The effect of the #MeToo movement on dating
(31:55) Hypergamy and modern dating
(42:33) Testosterone levels and cultural dating tendencies
(44:17) The fluctuation of testosterone levels in men and women
(47:12) The dating difficulties of accomplished, educated women
(49:59) Ideas for women and men to navigate modern dating
(56:01) Female assertiveness in modern dating
(59:13) Additional dating strategies for college graduates
(01:03:18) Modern-day workplace dating
(01:08:09) The state of men today
(01:18:34) Opening avenues for "mixed collar" dating
(01:21:53) The future of dating

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