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Jeffrey Guss is a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, a researcher, and was the Co-principal Investigator and Director of Psychedelic Therapy Training for psilocybin trials at the NYU School of Medicine. During our conversation, Jeff talks about his interest in psychedelics, its use for treating cancer-stricken patients with existential despair and those with addictions such as alcoholism, anecdotes from those studies, its potential for helping those with mental illness, Michael Pollan's book How to Change Your Mind, and psychedelics' proper place in our society.

Jeffrey's work and those like him are beginning to lend scientific credibility to the promise of psychedelic medicine. I think this is one of the world's most fascinating subjects, and gives real hope to those who are suffering or simply want to live in a more wholesome, honest, and kind world.

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Time Stamps:

(00:00) Introduction
(02:50) Developing an interest in psychiatry
(09:08) Learning about the healing properties of psychedelics
(23:44) Quotes and ideas from the book "How to Change Your Mind"
(30:14) A story of a psychedelic, spiritual transformation
(47:55) Rumination and psychedelic's possibility to treat addiction
(50:22) An analogy of x-ray technology and psychedelics
(01:03:28) Psychedelic's effect on the brain and the mind
(01:12:30) The proper role of psychedelics in a sane and healthy society

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